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The Stats!

To really understand how in-store digital advertising can help build brand awareness in a retail environment, we tracked 6 brands in 15 independent retail account for 6 months. The brands were up into 3 categories and measured in sales volume and reorder rates.

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Market Launch Brands +112.64%

The brand was a brand new launch in the market with continues Tri TV advertising presents. Since there was no previous sales, we compared sales against top 25 accounts for the brand. The accounts that Tri TV was present were up +112.64% in sales and 74% reorder rate. 1/6 brands we were tracking fell into this category

Development Brands +65.84%

What do we consider a development brand? A brand that has been in the market for 2+ years with at least 1500 cases in sales. We compared sales data to previous 6 months sales data with no other major form of marketing done in the account other than Tri TV. 4/6 brands we were tracking fell into this category.

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Line Extension - 56% RR!

We tracked 1 sku Iine extension to one of our developed brands. The advertising on Tri TV started 1 month prior to the product hitting the shelves to build instant awareness. When tracking this item, we weren't interested in case sales rather the reorder rate - 56% reorder rate in the first 3 months. 1/6 brands we were tracking fell into this category

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